Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thermonic : Arburg temperature controller

Thermonic SN 46.531

Arburg injection moulding machine allrounder K, H and H-D have dedicated PID temperature controllers
for cylinder heating, nozzle heating  at the plasticizing unit.

These temperature controllers  i.e. Thermonics have a D-PID characteristics therefore, no temperature peak on start-up and no steady deviation. It has 3+1 configuration of Thermonics, i.e. 3 Thermonics for cylinder heating zones and one Thermonic for nozzle heating; ensures precise temperature profile on cylinder and nozzle.

Thermonic has an in- built under temperature protection circuit so that screw rotation is inhibited if
cylinder temperature is too low.

It consists of following main sections:
A. Input signal sampling and amplification.
B. PID regulation circuit.
C. Overload protection circuit &  SSR protection circuit.
D. Under temperature protection circuit.

There are many models of temperature controllers which were used on Arburg machines.

Thermonic SN 36.346, SN 31.980,SN 34.600, SN 39.507, SN 31.980 :  switching the supply to heater band via triac.

Thermonic  SN 40.787, SN 40.788, SN 46.530, SN 46.531, SN 52.022 :  switching the supply to heater band via SSR.

 Thermonic  SN 53.013, SN 71.356, SN 71.357  :  switching the supply to heater band via SSR.

Sanjadha Enterprises expertise in  repair and calibration of Thermonics of all models.
We have adequate stocks of spare parts and components required for repair of Thermonics.
We undertake complete overhaul, repair and reconditioning of Thermonics.

Thermonic SN 39.600

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