Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sanjadha Enterprises-our services for plastics industry


1. Repair and calibration of Arburg PID temperature controller- Thermonic , all models on Arburg Allrounder K,H,H-D.
2.Repair of control unit- Polytronica-II ( black , white) for Arburg Allrounder K type (toggle) machines.
3.Repair of control unit- Hydronica ( thumbwheel type- Black and white) for Arburg Allrounder H type machines.
4.Repair of control unit- Hydronica H-D for ARBURG Allrounder D (Dialogica) models.
5.Repair of control unit- Multronica for Arburg Allrounder M.
6.Repair of control unit- Centex Dialogica (Allrounder C ) , Varima Dialogica (Allrounder V  ) and  CMD dialogica  ( Allrounder CMD).
7.Repair of control unit- Centex Selogica (Allrounder  CS) , Selecta-Selogica ( Allrounder S ).
8.Repair of power supply, amplifier PVS boards, Bosch regulation boards etc. on Arburg machines.
9.Temperature calibration of heating circuits on Arburg machines.
10.Retrofitting dummy drive for disketter drive system of H-D, M, CMD,V,C, CS and S models.
11.Pressure, flow calibration of Arburg machine for ARBURG K, H, D and M models.
12. Machine adjustment training on arburg machines.
13.Complete overhaul,reconditioning of Arburg machines : Seal change, toggle change,tie-bars change, alignment etc.
14.Power supply conditioning and upgradation for Arburg machines and other make of machines.
15.Repair of Techmation,Mirle,Focal,Porcheson PLCs.
16.Repair and calibration of Hot runner temperature controller e.g. Synventive, Mold Masters, Gammaflux etc.
17.Power supply conditioning and up gradation for hot runner temperature controllers.
18.Retrofitting of Arburg power supply kits, additional heating circuits, programmable input outputs, pressure reduction valve for screw safety etc.
19.Retofitting of PLC on Arburg injection moulding machines.
20.Retrofitting of  servo drive on Arburg injection moulding machines for power saving.
21.We also undertake repair of electronic boards such as amplifier boards,input-out board, interface board etc. for other brand of machines.

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