Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hot Runner temperature controller Hi-Q ( supplied by Synventive/Dynisco)

Synventive 8 zone Hi-Q hot runner temperature controller

It is a 2 zone temperature controller with versatile operation required for hot runner temperature controller. It was available  in single zone ( HIQBOX1S), 4 zones (HIQBOX4) ,8 zones ( HIQBOX8) , 12 zones (HIQBOX12)  and 24 zones (HIQBOX24) cabinets.

Synventive 2 zone Hi-Q hot runner temperature controller-side view

Synventive 2 zone Hi-Q hot runner temperature controller
Since March 2010,  we repaired more than 70 such  cards. Typical problems faced by Hi-Q temperature  controller cards are :

1. ON-OFF problem: It switches off during operation and switches on after some time.
2. Actual Temperature indications :   0 ° C  /   0 ° C
3. Actual Temperature indications : 500 ° C  /   0 ° C, 0 ° C  /   500 ° C
4. Actual Temperature indications : tc ¯ ° C  /    tc ¯ ° C ,  tc ¯ ° C  /    0 ¯ ° C
5. Actual Temperature indications : 0 ° C  /   SHO  ° C,  SHO  ° C  /   0 ° C, SHO  ° C  /  SHO ° C                                                 
6. No display
7. No display -complete dead unit.

Various reasons for failure of Hi-Q cards are as given below:
a. Unhealthy 3 phase + neutral+ earth connections.
b. Improper connections to thermocouples and  heaters.
c. Malfunctioning of cooling fans installed on the cabinet.
d. Incoming mains voltage with severe power surges.
e. Components failure due to ageing,dust,moisture etc.

Now we are confident that in 99.0% cases we can revive  Hi-Q card completely irrespective of the the nature of problems. 1.0 % cases is when the card is subjected to severe power surges ( short duration voltage current spikes in the electrical environment)  for longer period/periods. We have upgraded our testing + repair facilities and also the required stock of spares needed to achieve this.

To avoid problems due to power surges, it is possible to retrofit power conditioning unit internal or external to each cabinet box along with surge protection devices. This will provide the utmost maximum safety to the Hi-Q temperature controller cards and heaters.


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  2. Hello, how I get the manual this equipment?